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Trek TV Series Now Has A Name: 'Discovery'

But not much else revealed about new CBS All Access series

Finally, CBS Corp. has released the official name for its upcoming Star Trek series. And it's continuing the tradition of naming the show after the primary ship or space station featured in the production. "Star Trek: Discovery" is the name of the show, with adventures taking place on a smaller ship known as the USS Discovery. Showrunner Bryan Fuller unveiled the name Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con in front of more than 6,000 fans. But beyond that, he revealed little else. That was a little surprising, considering the show is expected to go in front of the cameras beginni ...
 | Jul-24-2016 | 
Star Trek Stamp: 13 Years In The Making

New book chronicles long efforts to commemorate franchise

He had endorsements from some of the biggest science-fiction writers and even actual scientists of his time. Yet, Bill Kraft just could not get the U.S. Postal Service to issue a stamp commemorating Star Trek. It got to the point where Kraft realized it would take nothing short of a letter from God himself to make it happen. But then again, what would God need with a stamp? It's all the subject of Kraft's new book, "Maybe We Need a Letter from God, the Star Trek Stamp," which was recently released. Kraft, whose efforts finally resulted in a 33-cent stamp issued in 1998, say ...
 | Nov-4-2013 |