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'Fifty-Year Mission' Explores Trek Many People Missed

First volume of Star Trek's oral history from Mark A. Altman, Edward Gross a fascinating read

In their new book, "The Fifty-Year Mission: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek," co-authors Edward Gross and Mark A. Altman intend to deliver the definitive story of Star Trek, as told by the people who lived it. The book contains excerpts from hundreds of interviews the authors conducted with cast, crew, writers, directors, studio executives and other key people associated with the franchise. Both authors have decades-long relationships with Star Trek and are well-equipped to guide the reader on this journey. "Volume One: The First 25 Years" ...
 | Jul-19-2016 | 
Partners In Space: Gene Roddenberry And ... Paul McCartney?

New book shares this tidbit and others from the 50 years of Star Trek

There was once a time when Star Trek almost had a chance to meet the Beatles. Well, kind of. It wasn't really Star Trek, more like Gene Roddenberry. And it wasn't really the Beatles. More like Paul McCartney. But the two had hoped to make music together in a way Roddenberry knew best — creating a story set in space. But then that pesky Star Trek franchise got in the way again. "I have no idea whatever happened to that," Roddenberry's assistant at the time, Susan Sackett, said. "It's probably stuck in a file, like the end of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark.'" Sackett and oth ...
 | Jun-28-2016 | 
'Enemy Within' Writer Richard Matheson Dies, 87

Also known for writing many popular 'Twilight Zone' episodes as well

He came up with the idea of splitting Capt. Kirk into two people, and it helped propel "Star Trek" to an instant hit in the 1960s. But now the world has to say good-bye to Richard Matheson, the prolific science-fiction television writer and author, who died Sunday at 87. Matheson wrote "The Enemy Within," which premiered on NBC on Oct. 6, 1966. A transporter accident -- the first of what would be many throughout Star Trek's storied life -- created two Capt. Kirks. One was weak and indecisive while the other was just plain mean. However, transporter mishaps wasn't the only thin ...
 | Jun-26-2013 |