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Fact Is, We Don't Know What New Trek Is

Gossip, rumors are just that ... gossip, rumors

Some other news outlets are just starting to pick up on a rumor 1701News reported last week that suggested the upcoming Star Trek television series on CBS All Access could be set in the AbramsVerse. What that means is that the alternate timeline established by 2009's "Star Trek," which was directed by J.J. Abrams, could be the canonical home of the new Star Trek series. But then again, maybe not. The fact is, despite all the reports that have been circulating about the new ...
 | Jun-3-2016 | 
Menosky Returns, Signs On As TV Trek Writer

PLUS: 'Heroes' writer Aron Coleite earns scribe slot

The writing staff for the new Star Trek series on CBS All Access is getting bigger. And once again, it appears showrunner Bryan Fuller is looking for familiar names. Joe Menosky, who was a story editor on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and continued to write episodes for many of the Trek spinoffs, is the latest writer to join Fuller's team, according to writer Kemp Powers. Joining Menosky at the table is a writer Fuller has worked with in the past on NBC's "Heroes," Aron Coleite. Powers, a playwright who most recently debuted a play about Muhammad Ali called "One Night in ...
 | Jun-5-2016 | 
'Voyager' Novelist Joins TV Trek's Writing Staff

Kirsten Beyer had to cancel convention appearance in Maryland

Pocket Books just might have to share its "Star Trek: Voyager" writer. At least for now. Kirsten Beyer, who has authored 10 "Voyager" books (with two more on the way) over the past decade or so, is heading for a new gig: The writing team of the upcoming Star Trek series for CBS All Access. Although CBS has not confirmed the hire, a Maryland convention called Shore Leave announced Beyer had to pull out as a guest specifically because she was joining the new series. "One of our author guests, Kirsten Beyer, has to cancel her attendance at Shore Leave 38 for an admittedly v ...
 | Jun-1-2016 |