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Who Is Klingon Lawyer Marc Randazza?

Taking a peek behind the clever brief in Axanar lawsuit

Before last week, you may have never heard of the Language Creation Society, a California non-profit that has about 140 members in 25 countries, according to its website. The LCS has a strong cause — supporting those who enjoy constructing new languages, or those who support it. In fact, a flyer for the organization promotes these language constructers, or "conlangers," as those who do it "as a hobby, as an art form, or as an intellectual pastime." Sometimes these conlangers want to encourage others to s ...
 | May-9-2016 | 
No, You Can't Copyright Klingon, You PetaQ

Language Creation Society takes Klingon stand in Axanar case

There have already been some crazy fan-based filings when it comes to the copyright infringement case between the studios that own Star Trek and a proposed fan-film. But the Language Creation Society has now upped the bar. And they did it in Klingon. The society, which was founded at the University of California-Berkeley, filed a "friend of the court" brief to say the Klingon language cannot be copyrighted. "Klingon gave Star Trek characters convincing dialogue," wrote attorney Marc Randazza of the Las Vegas-based Randazza Legal Group. "But it broke its chains and took o ...
 | Apr-28-2016 | 
1701News' Living Story Archive Of Axanar Lawsuit

Need to start from the beginning? You can do it right here!

Reading 1701News coverage of the copyright infringement lawsuit CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures have filed against Axanar Productions and its principal, Alec Peters, and wishing you could start from the beginning of the story? Well, this page is where you do it. Read all of our stories, from the beginning of the lawsuit right up to our latest story. This page will be continuously updated with new stories as they're posted (look at the bottom for the latest, since we're presenting this in chronological order). Also, we're including some of our commentaries about the lawsuit, s ...
 | May-15-2016 | 
Both Axanar Lawsuit Sides Battle Over Klingon Language

Defense motion claims studios changing story

The attorney representing a fan-film production being sued for copyright infringement is pushing even harder to yank the Klingon language out of the lawsuit, fueling a new battle over the fictitious language. Erin Ranahan, an attorney representing Axanar Productions and its principal, Alec Peters, says CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures can't claim ownership to the language, which Marc Okrand created as a work-for-hire in the early 1980s. And while fans might not want to think about food and Klingons in the same sentence, Ranahan doesn't have to look any further than the kitchen ...
 | May-7-2016 | 
CBS, Paramount Want Klingon Brief Excluded From Axanar Case

Calls the Language Creation Society's brief 'untimely' and 'improper'

A colorful yet informative brief filed last week defended the fictitious Klingon language from Star Trek as a "living language." However, the lawyer representing CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures in a copyright infringement suit against a Star Trek fan-film want the "friend of the court" brief to be stricken from the record. Loeb & Loeb attorney David Grossman called the unsolicited brief from the Language Creation Society untimely and improper. In that brief, the California-based language group ...
 | May-4-2016 |