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UnderRepped Clothing To Feature Gene Roddenberry

Will join other should-be idols like Tesla, Woodhull and Hughes

Gene Roddenberry is a name that is said among many greats. But there probably aren't too many places he can be found with names like jazz singer Billie Holiday, mathematician Alan Turing or even guitar maker Adolph Rickenbacker.

But you will find him soon as part of a new campaign by UnderRepped Clothing. UnderRepped focuses on the names and faces people aren't always celebrating publicly -- but should be, according to its founder, Paul Leonard.

Leonard was walking down the street once with his father, and the two started commented on the people they saw featured on T-shirts of those walking by them.

"It blew us away that the same faces kept reappearing," Leonard said on his website. "We repeatedly say the faces and names of top athletes, actors and celebrities. While those individuals are important, we wanted to see someone new.

"Whether it is in science, the arts, music or whatever ... who invented the electric guitar? Or stethoscope? Or the electrical components in your iPhone? What about the creators behind the camera? All these great inventions and ideas came from people, and I wanted to start a project that revolved around recognizing them."

Last February, the company raised more than $10,000 through Kickstarter to get the T-shirt company started, well-beating their goal. Many shirts have already been sold out, like Langston Hughes, Gregor Mendel and Gunpei Yokoi. But others are still available, like Rene Laennec, Nikola Tesla and Ada Lovelace.

And soon? Gene Roddenberry.

"We have always been somewhat reluctant when it comes to exploiting Gene's likeness and imagery," Trevor Roth, chief operating officer of Roddenberry Entertainment told 1701News. "But when the folks at UnderRepped approached us and explained that our participation would be part of brining to light the likes of Rene Laennec -- the inventor of the stethoscope -- Adolph Rickenbacker -- the inventor of the amplifiable guitar -- Billie Holiday and more, we really wanted to support the endeavor."

Roddenberry Entertainment is part of the ownership team of 1701News.

The Roddenberry shirt is part of a Kickstarter expansion campaign which can be found here. As of late Tuesday, the campaign has already topped its $7,500 goal, and still has about four days to go. Rewards start for pledges at $10, and the new shirts are expected to be shipped out in August.

Source: 1701News

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