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Was Gene Roddenberry's Science-Fiction Really Science-Fact?

One conspiracy theorist says Roddenberry was a Freemason, a la 'Da Vinci Code'

A lot of claims have been made about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek over the years, but this is probably the first time someone has claimed the technologies that have appeared in Star Trek are, in fact, real, and not fictional.

Those claims are coming from Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, a former art historian who in recent years has become a conspiracy theorist. In fact, her talks about the realities of Star Trek is a reposting made on a site that championed some of the myths surrounding 2012.

In her report, Perlingieri asks what "insider information" Roddenberry had when he created "Star Trek." Taking a page from the book "The Da Vinci Code," Perlingieri claims Roddenberry was part of the Freemasons "secret society," and used information that he had there of real technology to create the technology found in "Star Trek."

"Those in charge are not just a daily menace to people around our own planet, but also to other star systems," Perlingieri said. "This reality is one that 'Star Trek' addressed in many of its episodes. Gene Roddenberry was a Mason and insider who most likely knew this covert agenda. 'Star Trek,' I believe, was created to prepare us for a day, down the road, when the inevitable news that we are not alone would finally come out. That belated day is now."

Except it still hasn't happened. No aliens have come from the sky, and there is no evidence that many of the technologies envisioned by Roddenberry and his writers were actually in existence in the late 1960s. While many things found in the original "Star Trek" have come into being -- like cellular phones, tablet computers, tricorders and others -- many of these were inspired by Star Trek, not created during the run of "Star Trek."

Is this exactly newsworthy? No. But if you would like to believe that Roddenberry was an insider, and had knowledge of actual secret technology in development at the time, then do a search online for Perlingieri and see what else she has to say.

Source: 1701News

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