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Orci: No Such Thing As Coincidence On Star Trek

Writer shares insight with Twitter during 'Into Darkness' remote screening

This story contains spoilers for "Star Trek: Into Darkness."

It would be great to believe that every word, every action that appears in a movie like "Star Trek: Into Darkness" is carefully prepared with an eye on the future.

While there are some who might not believe that after seeing the latest Star Trek film, one of its writers says it's not very wise to assume.

"No such thing as a coincidence," writer Roberto Orci told fans Thursday night during a rather impromptu "Into Darkness" Tweetalong that took place to celebrate the digital release of the film on Apple's iTunes and other services.

Orci made the remark to a fan's comment about the fact that only Leonard Nimoy's Spock Prime character says Khan's full name in the film.

Of course, that does beg a number of other questions about the movie, and where the crew of the Enterprise might go next. Especially with the fact that there is now a cure for, well, death.

In the film, Chris Pine's Kirk is resurrected after Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) discovers that Khan's blood has extreme medical advantages -- like curing death. But with Benedict Cumberbatch's Khan left alive by the end of the film, what is stopping the Federation from simply using Khan's blood to cheat death, a la "Star Trek: Insurrection"?

But how will it be limited? That looks to be something Orci and his writing partner Alex Kurtzman will address in the next film.

During the viewing party, Orci also seemed to hint that director J.J. Abrams would not be back at the helm of "Star Trek 3," and that he would instead have to give it up in order to do the next Star Wars film for the Walt Disney Co.

Finally, Orci did take on some fans who wanted to question the idea of putting the Enterprise underwater -- and the ship's ability to do that. His answer was simple: If it can warp space, it can certainly withstand a little pressure from an ocean.

"Star Trek: Into Darkness" is available right now on Apple's iTunes Store and other digital outlets. It will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on Sept. 10.

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