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Meet The Team

The following individuals make up Nexus Media Group, which runs 1701News. Feel free to contact them with questions, comments or concerns in their areas of expertise pertaining to the site.


Michael Hinman, mhinman@airlockalpha.com
Michael Hinman is the founder and editor-in-chief for 1701News and Airlock Alpha He owns Nexus Media Group. He's a semi-retired print journalist (for now) and currently lives in Grenada.

Staff Writers and Columnists

John Kirk, capjkkirk@gmail.com
John Kirk would have been named James T. Kirk had it not been for a mistake. Kirk is a teacher-librarian and currently a history/English teacher with the Toronto District School Board in Toronto, Ontario. He teaches literature and Canadian history, but mostly, he teaches Geek. When Kirk isn’t in the classroom, he can be found in his basement writing “School of Geek”-type articles and comic reviews for popmythology.com and contributing features to whatculture.com and examiner.com.

Ann Morris, annmorris1208@gmail.com
Ann Morris imagined visiting other worlds and dimensions in her childhood play but didn't "officially" begin living a fannish life till the early 1970s when she was a founding member of the Stone Hill Science Fiction Association in 1979 and remains active to this day. She lives in Plant City, Florida, where she writes from her geekosphere.