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Rumor/Story Policy

1701News and Airlock Alpha will occasionally post stories that it labels as "rumors." These are stories that were not sourced from official channels, and many times are from sources that cannot be identified.

1701News and Airlock Alpha work hard to corroborate all rumor reports. However, because they are a rumor and a snapshot of what the news is at that time, these reports are subject to change over time, or could even be incorrect. Many times, such news is not officially released because a decision is not final or all elements have not been considered. While 1701News and Airlock Alpha believe that their stories are accurate at the time of posting to the best of our ability, final decisions could end up different.

Thus, rumors should be treated as not being final or definitive. Rumor reporting is a service provided by GenreNexus as an added bonus to readers, as long as there is an understanding that the final results may be different than what was originally reported.

1701News and Airlock Alpha are not considered spoiler sites, that is, sites that simply release script-specific details of upcoming television shows and movies. That doesn't mean that upcoming script-oriented reports won't be included in the site, but if they are, they will be in the context of other reporting, and not simply released by itself as a means to present spoilers.