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About Us/FAQ

What is 1701News?

1701News is a Star Trek news, rumors and analysis entertainment magazine originally founded by Nexus Media Group and Roddenberry Entertainment Inc. However, Nexus Media Group became the sole owner of the outlet in March 2016. It launched in April 2013.

Inspired by the registry number of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), 1701News covers Star Trek like it’s never been done before, not just with breaking news and social space — the final digital frontier — but with regular columns from fan favorites, videos and pictures, one-of-a-kind interviews, and even a reader-interactive news section that will bring Star Trek conventions to life for the entire world.

In addition to the 1701News website (www.1701News.com), fans can soon follow 1701News via Twitter (@1701News) and Facebook (1701News).

What’s the difference between news and a rumor?

News is something that has been released through official channels about a certain topic, while rumors are generally stories that are not confirmed through official channels. Although 1701News works hard to corroborate all rumor reports, please know that information contained in rumors are subject to change over time, or could even be incorrect.

Where are all the spoilers?

Beginning in January 2009, Nexus Media Group sites moved away from providing script-specific spoilers in stories, for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that our strong relationship with the networks and studios no longer requires a dependence on spoiler news as a way to differentiate it from other sites. At the same time, larger media organizations like magazines and television shows with far more resources, dipped their hands into spoilers (many times calling them “scoops” instead of “spoilers”), and that’s simply resources we and our volunteer staff cannot compete with.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t tidbits of plotlines and such found in our reporting. There is always a chance for moderate spoilers when talking about cast changes, show direction changes, or other stories that don’t focus on just plotlines.

Can you send me an episode/movie to watch?

Unfortunately, we cannot record and send you any show or movie. We also do not know where to find any on the Internet. You can purchase many episodes and movies either through online movie stores, or through iTunes.

I have my own website, can I use anything from 1701?

Yes and no. Yes you can repost a portion of news stories from our main page as long as you provide a link in return. The rest of the content however, you cannot use. All images, reviews, synopses, and anything else found on this site is copyrighted. Please refer to our Copyright/Terms link for more information.

Can I link to the 1701News?

You certainly can! We ask that you link to www.1701news.com, but you can link to a specific page if you wish.

Are your writers compensated?

Our writers are volunteer, which might be a bit of an unpopular approach these days, but 1701News simply does not have the budget to pay writers. However, unlike other outlets, our writers actually retain ownership of the work they file, included the edited versions of that work. In return, we only ask that we have an unlimited and perpetual license to use it (meaning, a writer can’t force us to remove one of their stories simply by invoking a copyright claim).

And at least as far as columnists are concerned, we also allow them to plug other projects, websites, etc., helping them to gain additional publicity as the writer likes.

It’s not a perfect system, and maybe someday we’ll get the budget to be able to start paying writers. But this system as worked well for Nexus Media for nearly 20 years.

How did you create such and such an image?

Our designers have used Adobe Photoshop and a host of other Apple-based applications for all the graphic design on the site. Yes, 1701News is made and maintained on a Mac.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Your privacy is a concern to us! No one likes it when they have to give information to a web site especially if they are going to get spammed. We do not track visitors or collect any information to give to others. The only information we have is what you choose to give us. Currently only our Bulletin Board requires basic information (like an e-mail address) to register. We will never share that information or sell it to anyone. If you have any questions about privacy please contact Michael Hinman at [email protected].