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It’s Time For Fan-Films To Take A Stand

Whether you’re for or against, stop hiding and weigh in

I haven’t exactly been a dedicated follower of fan-films, but as someone who is passionate about Star Trek fandom, I would follow their progress occasionally, and give kudos when kudos were due. But since CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures filed a massive copyright infringement suit against fan-film producers Axanar Productions and Alec Peters, I have learned far more about fan-films than I thought was even possible to absorb. And a lot of it is good — these are fans, after all, many times playing Star Trek with a YouTube audience. Even Vic Mignogna will admit his “Star Trek Con …
 | Apr-27-2016 | 
Peters: Axanar Operates As A Non-Profit

PLUS: Don’t ask any questions about the need to raise additional $740K

The self-imposed radio silence from Axanar Productions has ended after Alec Peters followed up his Feb. 1 interview at 1701News with a “live” discussion on Australia’s Trekzone video podcast. The questions, however, weren’t exactly what he had hoped for. Matthew Miller peppered the Axanar producer with questions about not only the fan-film production, but the financial aspects of the project as well in the sometimes heated 30- …
 | Apr-4-2016 |