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Les Moonves New Chair Of CBS Corp.

Replaces longtime leader Sumner Redstone for company that partially controls Star Trek

The company that co-owns the rights to Star Trek has a new king. Les Moonves, the former Warner Bros. chief who has led CBS Corp. since 2006 as its chief executive officer, will now take over as chairman of the board as well. He replaces major shareholder Sumner Redstone, who at 92 has been the subject of a lawsuit that challenged whether he still had the mental capacity to run a $23 billion company. Although the line of succession was not a surprise, it was unclear whether Redstone’s daughter, Shari Redstone, would take over once her father stepped down. In fact, the CBS b …
 | Feb-3-2016 | 
Could Trek’s Parents Get Back Together?

Serious speculation on re-merging Viacom, CBS under Les Moonves

Divorces aren’t always forever. But if CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures parent Viacom Inc., do indeed decide to get back together, it won’t be out of love … but instead, necessity. With family members and company executives battling over control of the majority shares in both companies owned by 93-year-old Sumner Redstone, some serious talk has started that might aim the two separate companies toward undoing the 2006 split, and re-merging Viacom and CBS. That would have a tremendous impact on a good portion of Hollywood — especially as a combined CBS/Viacom would clearly …
 | Jun-1-2016 | 
Paramount Parent Gets New Boss, Too

Sumner Redstone’s removal from decision-making jobs at both Viacom and CBS is now complete

Just a couple of days ago, CBS Corp. tried to correct months of bad publicity surrounding its chairman by replacing Sumner Redstone with longtime CBS chief Les Moonves. The transition was nowhere as contentious as some business observers had feared, believing Sumner’s daughter, Shari Redstone, might vie for the spot. Instead, she not only declined the job but made the nomination for Moonves’ ascension herself. The same can’t be said with the other company that holds the rights to …
 | Feb-4-2016 |