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For Two Days, There Was Star Trek, Alabama

Famous NASA-associated city celebrated franchise’s 30th anniversary in 1996

What’s in the name of a town? That’s a great question, and judging by history, no town name is written in stone. Especially if there is a chance to put that town on a map. Probably one of the earliest examples of this is Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. A town of less than 5,000 people north of Philadelphia, it was known as Mauch Chunk until the 1950s. While other towns, states and even countries are typically named after government leaders or war heroes, Jim Thorpe got its name simply by agreeing to build a monument and be the final resting place of famous athlete Jim Thorpe, who ha …
 | Jul-27-2016 | 
Did Star Trek Inspire Word ‘Shuttle’? Sorry, No

Mother Nature Network disputes revised history from shuttle restoration team

The people behind the restoration of what was once a prop from the original “Star Trek” series, are trying to drum up some attention of their efforts to practically recreate the shuttlecraft Galileo, and may be using some revisionist history to do it. Alec Peters, the person who runs a television and movie memorabilia auction house, recently told Canada’s Space that not only was the first NASA shuttle named “Enterprise,” but it was Star Trek itself that inspired the use of the term “shuttle,” all thanks to the 1967 introduction of …
 | May-18-2013 |