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Sorry, George, But You’re Wrong

If Sulu is straight, then Gene Roddenberry forgot to tell the rest of us

If you told me just 24 hours ago I would be writing a commentary right now disagreeing with George Takei, I would probably laugh you out of the room. Because I love George. Love him to death. Whenever I asked him to come on my old podcast “Alpha Waves Radio,” he was there. Every single time. And he’s a wonderful man, married to an equally wonderful man, Brad Altman. This morning, however, two communities I’m a part of finally merged. And I was ecstatic. “Star Trek: Beyond” was finally g …
 | Jul-8-2016 | 
Sorry London: Las Vegas Breaks Trek World Record

DS9 star Terry Farrell joins nearly 1,100 costumed fans in one room

They were just a little short last year, but Creation Entertainment was able to corral more than enough people to shatter a world record that has stood for the past two years. More than a thousand people showed up to the DeForest Kelley Auditorium at the official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas on Saturday to earn a place in the “Guinness World Records” book, and all of them were dressed in Star Trek costumes. The final tally? 1,086 — including “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” star Terry Farrell, who promised during her panel earlier that she would be there. She was No. 1,08 …
 | Aug-11-2013 | 
Welcome To The World … Zale Eugene Roddenberry

Heidi Roddenberry, and husband Eugene, proud parents of a little boy

The Roddenberry family legacy continues as Heidi Roddenberry, wife of Eugene Roddenberry Jr., gave birth to a son Aug. 6. This is the first child for Heidi and Rod, and would be the first grandchild between the late “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and wife Majel Barrett Roddenberry. He was born just before 10:40 p.m. PT, and weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces. His name? Zale Eugene Roddenberry, taking his middle name not only from his father and paternal grandfather, but also the middle name of Heidi’s father. Rod …
 | Aug-9-2013 |