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It’s Time For Fan-Films To Take A Stand

Whether you’re for or against, stop hiding and weigh in

I haven’t exactly been a dedicated follower of fan-films, but as someone who is passionate about Star Trek fandom, I would follow their progress occasionally, and give kudos when kudos were due. But since CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures filed a massive copyright infringement suit against fan-film producers Axanar Productions and Alec Peters, I have learned far more about fan-films than I thought was even possible to absorb. And a lot of it is good — these are fans, after all, many times playing Star Trek with a YouTube audience. Even Vic Mignogna will admit his “Star Trek Con …
 | Apr-27-2016 | 
Axanar Is Many Things, But Not Transparent

Fan-film producers owe its donors a full and complete financial audit

While Winston & Strawn attorney Erin Ranahan has media outlets — and, she hopes, a judge — jumping through hoops trying to compare Mr. Spock to Nosferatu, a much bigger question looms. A question that seems to get bigger and bigger as both sides rack up legal costs, and the thought of there being a fan-film called “Star Trek: Axanar” becomes more and more unrealistic. Where has all the money gone? Just before CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures …
 | Apr-1-2016 | 
What Does A Fan Film Need With $2 Million?

Robert Meyer Burnett is out of touch with how to marry filmmaking with fandom

A few nights ago when Robert Meyer Burnett messaged me out of the blue on social media, I wasn’t quite sure how to react. I mean, here is the man who so entertained me back in the late 1990s with “Free Enterprise,” a fun film that starred William Shatner as an alternate version of himself, and celebrating Star Trek fandom with the likes of Rafer Wiegel and a pre-“Will & Grace” Eric McCormack. Such a wonderful script written by Burnett and Mark A. Altman, and it was probably one of the first times I really felt like it was truly OK to be a Star Trek fan. So speaking out …
 | Feb-5-2016 | 
Fan Gets Unique Chance To Pitch Trek At Paramount … But How?

Michael Gummelt’s ‘Star Trek: Uncharted’ originally had a different name: ‘Star Trek: Beyond’

The idea that Paramount Pictures might make a passing glance at a fan production of Star Trek is not unheard of. In fact, Paramount had more than just a casual relationship with the crew behind one of the grandfathers of all fan productions: “Star Trek: Hidden Frontier.” “We know we came to the attention of Paramount’s legal department — probably not the kind of attention we wanted from the studio,” said Carlos Pedraza, one of the writers and producers behind both “Hidden Frontier” and one of the other larger productions, “Star Trek: New Voyages.” Despite that attention, Pa …
 | Jun-24-2015 | 
The Past, The Present, The Future Of 1701News

Star Trek news site celebrates third anniversary, with changes afoot

This is a slightly more personal story than what you would normally find in the news section of 1701News, but I felt there was some important information I wanted to share with you, and felt here in our news section would help ensure that you saw it. I am the editor-in-chief of this site, which I co-founded with Rod Roddenberry and Trevor Roth of Roddenberry Entertainment on April 25, 2013. The idea was to join forces — my group, which was behind Airlock Alpha (which debuted as SyFy World, and later SyFy Portal, in 1998), a …
 | Apr-25-2016 | 
Peters: Axanar Operates As A Non-Profit

PLUS: Don’t ask any questions about the need to raise additional $740K

The self-imposed radio silence from Axanar Productions has ended after Alec Peters followed up his Feb. 1 interview at 1701News with a “live” discussion on Australia’s Trekzone video podcast. The questions, however, weren’t exactly what he had hoped for. Matthew Miller peppered the Axanar producer with questions about not only the fan-film production, but the financial aspects of the project as well in the sometimes heated 30- …
 | Apr-4-2016 |