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Mignogna: ‘Continues’ Fan Series Leads By Example

Latest crowdfunding campaign will produce three episodes, and a lot of joy

As CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures move forward on a copyright infringement lawsuit against one fan-film production, other amateur Star Trek producers are keeping one eye toward the courtroom, and another on their latest project. And that’s no different for “Star Trek Continues” executive producer and star Vic Mignogna. When we say “amateur,” of course, we don’t mean anything about the people involved or the …
 | Mar-11-2016 | 
Star Trek Online Goes Back In Time For 50th

Popular MMO will take fans into the realm of classic Trek

Time travel might not happen on Star Trek as much as it does on, say, “Doctor Who.” But it’s still a popular activity and story device. Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online game from Arc Games, has utilized time travel in several of its episode storylines. But just in time for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the game will really give players a chance to jump back into classic “Star Trek.” As part of the third expansion of “Agents of Yesterday,” players can jump back into the days of Kirk, Spock and McCoy to take command of a 23rd century era starship, much …
 | May-6-2016 | 
Houston Tourism Group Sues Space City Comic Con

Claims ‘Space City’ is trademarked, and convention can’t use it

Houston has been known as “Space City” thanks to its association with NASA for decades. But if you’re an organization looking to promote tourism in the area — you can’t use “Space City” unless you get permission first. That’s what the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau has claimed in a new lawsuit against the up-and-coming Space City Comic Con, asserting that the tourism group owns the trademark to “Space City.” That particular convention has only existed since 2012, growing from a gathering that started in a hotel lobby, to the NRG Center — the 1.4 million-squa …
 | Mar-8-2016 |