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Fan Film-Based Trekonderoga Is Coming Back

Upstate New York convention surrounds ‘New Voyages’ film set

It’s a Star Trek gathering like no other, all because it centers around a fan-built set of the original USS Enterprise. And come this August, it will be open to the public once again.

James Cawley, the creator of the fan production “Star Trek: New Voyages,” it coming back to once again host what he calls “Trekonderoga.” The name is a play off the Upstate New York town the “New Voyages” set is based in, Ticonderoga, and he hopes to double the more than 600 people who showed up to the last event.

It’s being organized by the Ticonderoga Revitalization Alliance, a not-for-profit corporation designed to revitalize the economy around the small town of just 5,000 people. Ticonderoga is located more than 250 mile north of New York City, just west of the Vermont state line.

Nancy Archer, one of the co-executive directors of the alliance, announced the return of the convention — but on a different date than last year. What had intended to be a Labor Day festivity will now take place Aug. 12-14, since CBS Corp. is planning an official 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek in New York City on the holiday.

The convention will take place at Retro Studios, where the Enterprise set from “New Voyages” is housed. It’s located in a former Dollar Store location in town, although some other locations, including a government building, might be used for some convention activities as well.

Lance Clark, another Alliance executive director, said there would be stars from the original “Star Trek” series doing both autograph sessions and speaking engagements. There also will be guided tours of the “New Voyages” sets, as well as attendees having a chance to be filmed being “beamed” from the Enterprise transporter room.

Some of the confirmed guests, based on the convention’s website, include Sally Kellerman from the original “Trek” episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” as well as Don Marshall from the original “Trek” episode “The Galileo Seven,” and modern Trek producer and writer Eric A. Stillwell, who co-wrote the popular “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise,” that featured the return of Denise Crosby.

Clark said he expects to get as many as 1,200 people to attend this year’s convention, which would still make it far more intimate than other fan gatherings, saying it would “continue to give those coming the experience of a much more up-close and personal convention than most, and in the special beautiful and historic setting of Ticonderoga.”

Tickets to the event run between $20 and $45, and are available at Trekonderoga.com.

Source: The Sun

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