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In just a few days, fans around the world will mourn the yarhzeit (anniversary, for those not familiar with Jewish custom) of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. And Zachary Quinto, who visited “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Tuesday to promote his latest stage production, took a moment to remember the actor who was not just the man who originated his character of Spock in the recent Star Trek films, but was a friend as well.

“I’ve never met someone who so fully embodied a sense of fulfillment in their left,” Quinto said, according to Time. “He was such a tremendous artist, but philanthropist and generous person, and so intelligent. I miss him all the time, I really miss him so much at this point obviously, marking the anniversary of his passing. He was one of the greatest gifts that my career has brought into my personal life.”

See the entire interview with Colbert right here.

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