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Getting your tickets yet for a Star Trek convention this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary? First, let’s take a look back at how some Trekkies in Colorado celebrated the franchise’s 10th anniversary.

Picture it: Denver. 1976. Leonard Nimoy and James Doohan were both still rather dashing young men who made their way to this Colorado mall to join a few hundred Trekkies, and some of the most interesting cosplay you could expect from the 1970s.

The video, according to A.V. Club, was shot by Sam Klemke and featured someone named Terry McCoy as a reporter traveling throughout the convention.

This particular convention took place just four years after the very first Trek gathering in New York City, and it’s tough to imagine that all these people are now 40 years older.

The Northglenn Mall was a popular shopping place from when it opened in 1968, until its demise in the 1990s. Most of the original structure is gone, and has since been replaced by Marketplace at Northglenn, according to DeadMalls.com.

So take a trip back in time, and you don’t even need to slingshot around the sun, and enjoy a little glimpse of Star Trek fandom past.

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