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OK, yes, it’s been a few years since South Korean rapper Psy broke into the international music scene with his huge mega-hit “Gangnam Style.” And in 2012 and 2013, it seemed like everyone was doing their own Gangnam style, with all kinds of different themes.

Enter Comediva, a woman-centric comedy group who enlisted the help of Klingon language expert Felix Malmenbeck to create a Klingon version of Psy’s catchy tune.

Ror Morrison plays the main Klingon in the video, using vocals by Chris Thomas. The video also features Jenni Stukin as Counselor Troi, Luis Navarro as Riker, Sam Weller as Data, Nikol Davis as Guinan, and a young Kyle Villalovos as “Mini-Spock.”

Hopefully you’ve recovered from 2013 enough to listen to a parody of “Gangnam Style” one more time. At the very least, help add to the video’s already 5.3 million views.

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