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How Much Is That Shatner Autograph?

Be ready to pay handsomely. Think of it as a birthday gift!

If you’re heading to St. Louis next weekend and hoping for the full William Shatner experience — you better bring your wallet. And an armored truck.

Shatner, who turns 85 today, will spend the weekend after Easter at Wizard World Comic Con in Missouri, offering fans a chance to meet him, get his autograph, and maybe get a picture. But St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Jane Henderson broke down how much it would cost a typical fan to get all of that. And it’s not cheap.

In fact, to get an autographed copy of Shatner’s new book, “Leonard” (based on his long friendship with his late “Star Trek” co-star Leonard Nimoy), and a picture, you’ll have to pay just over $240. It breaks down like this:

• $49.95 for admission into Wizard World

• $25.99 for a copy of the book “Leonard”

• $80 for an autograph ticket

• $85 for a picture ticket

In the grand scheme of things, $240 might not be a lot. But for a single event, it could get pricey, especially if you have other people in your family you need to pay for.

Charging for autographs and pictures was something Shatner has taken a lot of heat for over the years, but it’s been justified by the fact that there’s a huge market for autographs of celebrities, in which the person offering the signature would never get a piece of. Even paying $80 for an autograph, that person could turn around and offer that autograph on places like eBay for hundreds of dollars.

And other celebrities have followed suit over the years, also charging for autographs and pictures. Many times, they will only autograph certain pieces — usually the pieces they sell as part of the “experience.”

But is $80 a lot for an autograph? Ask “Doctor Who” fans. Henderson points out that Matt Smith, who played the 11th Doctor in the longtime BBC series, charges more than $100 per autograph.

Want to know more about the convention? Check out WizardWorld.com.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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