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Nimoy Headlines Traveling Trek Art Exhibit

First stop is San Diego Comic-Con, with VegasCon right behind

Leonard Nimoy continues to make a mark in the Star Trek universe in time for the franchise’s 50th anniversary, being one of the featured artists in a traveling Star Trek exhibit that will be unveiled in San Diego this summer.

“Star Trek: 50 Artists, 50 Years,” features a great number of art pieces celebrating Star Trek over the decades, including those created by Nimoy himself. The Spock actor, who died in February 2015, was known for his photographic work, a hobby he took great pride in during this lifetime.

In fact, CBS Corp. — one of the rights holders to Star Trek — said they worked with Nimoy to help make his work even stronger, intended for eventual display in front of Star Trek fans everywhere. Jorge Ferreiro, the exhibit curator (and a senior vice president with CBS Consumer Products), highlighted a multi-colored photograph of Nimoy’s hand that is one of the featured pieces of the exhibit.

“Nimoy had this amazing photo of his own hand,” Ferreiro told Mashable‘s Lance Ulanoff. “We worked with him to create this multicolored version,” a version that represents the colors found in Starfleet uniforms throughout the franchise.

Although Nimoy’s work is being offered posthumously, Ferreiro added that Nimoy always intended to be a part of the exhibit, and was actually quite excited about it.

“We were working with him, and had completely gotten it done,” he said. “Then (Nimoy) got sick very, very quickly. He passed away.”

Ferreiro quickly reached out to Nimoy’s widow, Susan, to help with final touches in putting her late husband’s contribution to the exhibit together.

The exhibit kicks off July 21 in time for San Diego Comic-Con at the Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts center in the city’s Gaslight Quarter. After that, it will head to Las Vegas for the official Star Trek convention there hosted by Creation Entertainment. It will then make other stops, including international destinations in Toronto and the United Kingdom, before wrapping in August 2017.

To see the works as they are revealed, check out StarTrek.com.

Source: Mashable

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