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Roddenberry Still Knows Little About New Trek Series

PLUS: Creator’s son talks fan-films, and lawsuits … kind of

Although it’s been a few weeks since Rod Roddenberry joined the team of the upcoming Star Trek: Series 6 as an executive producer, it seems the son of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry still knows little about the show Bryan Fuller is putting together.

“I know very little about the direction,” Roddenberry told TrekZone‘s Matt Miller. “I’ve had two meetings with Bryan Fuller. He brought the writers together, and he’s still developing the concept.”

For a show that is nine months from premiere, it might be a little scary to some that the new Star Trek series planned for the CBS All Access subscription streaming service is still in the conceptual stages. To meet that January launch date, the new series will have to start casting and set construction in months, if not weeks, and have scripts finalized not long after that to make it all work.

But then again, Roddenberry is one of just a list of “dream team” people that have been attached to the new series so far, which includes big names from the Star Trek film franchise like Alex Kurtzman and Nicholas Meyer, as well as Fuller himself.

Not only did Fuller get his start in the franchise — through shows like “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and “Star Trek: Voyager” — but he’s also a Trekkie, which helps a lot.

“Bryan is, of course, a huge Star Trek fan,” Roddenberry said. “Right there, alone, I have confidence he will do it justice. And from that point of view, Alex Kurtzman has the history with the movies. And despite what anyone has to say, I thought the movies were incredibly well done, and paid wonderful tribute to the whole Star Trek background.”

Roddenberry did hint that from the little he does know, the new television show is going to find a way to not only pay tribute to the past, but to bring the television version of Star Trek into the 21st century. The fact alone that it will run on an online service rather than a typical network or cable channel demonstrates that.

“They understand it’s the 50th anniversary, and they are not out to rewrite history,” Roddenberry said. “They are not out to change anything. They need to do their best to keep people happy, but probably make it a little different.”

One thing Roddenberry wouldn’t talk about is the ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures have filed against the “independent” fan-film “Star Trek: Axanar,” and its fan producer, Alec Peters. But he did promote fan-films as a whole.

“I am, myself, a huge supporter of the fan-film companies that are willing to follow the rules and do it right,” Roddenberry said. “CBS has been very gracious — and I don’t know this from speaking to anyone — they have allowed certain fan groups to do these things as long as they do these things correctly.”

“When someone steps outside those lines, there are going to be prices and penalties to pay.”

One fan-film doing it right, Roddenberry said, was “Star Trek Continues,” run by voice actor Vic Mignogna.

Roddenberry has been involved in fan-films in the past, primarily as a consulting producer for another project filmed in Upstate New York, “Star Trek: New Voyages.”

“I’d say a lot of those (‘Continues’) episodes are as good, and in some cases, better than the original episodes,” Roddenberry said.

To watch the full TrekZone video, click here.

Source: TrekZone

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