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There was “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” and then there was Star Trek: The Game. Yes, the video game … so complex, developer Sega and the Atari gaming system required you to put a cover over your joystick.

And we already know what you’re going to ask next: “What’s a joystick?”

Well, watch this video Sega and Atari ran on television back in 1983 promoting the game, where you get to captain the USS Enterprise and take on the Klingons.

The Atari game was actually a repackaging of an arcade game of the same name that Sega put out the year before. According to the International Arcade Museum, the arcade version of Star Trek was available in both a standup cabinet, and a cockpit-like command chair.

The arcade game featured a screen that was divided into three parts, according to the museum, which included a constant view of supplies and status reports, like shields, photon torpedoes, and the amount of warp power still available.

“Your job is to defend Starbases from Klingon attacks, and successfully pilot the USS Enterprise through more and more difficult and hostile sectors of the galaxy,” the museum said. You know, what Kirk would call “exploration.”

Check out the game for yourself in this commercial, courtesy of Sean Mc.

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