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Dude, Where’s Our ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer?

Michael Hinman is predicting a May 6 full trailer premiere

If you’re reading this the same day I published it, then it’s April 8, 2016, and we’re exactly 105 days away from the release of “Star Trek: Beyond.”

Star Trek fans, of course, know all about the July 22 date. But at least when it comes to the rest of the world, they may have already forgotten.

That’s because with “Beyond” set to premiere a little more than three months from now, all anyone has been given about the movie is a Beastie Boys-featured teaser trailer attached to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” and really that’s it.

So I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask Paramount Pictures: Where is our full trailer?

I could never begin to pretend I understand the science of determining exactly when something should be publicized. However, there seems to have been some great opportunities, at least hoping to get some traction by timing the trailer with a release of another big film.

We understand why Paramount chose not to attach it to the top-grossing movie so far this year, at least domestically, “Deadpool.” First, the movie is R-rated (probably not the mix Paramount was looking for), and second, “Deadpool” was a sleeper hit. Few saw the success it received coming.

“Zootopia” also might not have been the best choice either, for the same reason (but the opposite way). This is a Disney film, PG-rated, and not exactly the film some of us diehard Star Trek fans would want to check out to see what Kirk and Spock are up to next.

However, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “10 Cloverfield Lane” would have been perfect times to consider a trailer. “Cloverfield” is from J.J. Abrams, the director of the first two Trek reboot films (who remains a producer on “Beyond”). Yes, this was another film that defied expectations with a big opening, but come on — Abrams? Star Trek? The pairing couldn’t be better.

But let’s say there might not be a lot of shared audience between Trek and “Cloverfield.” Fine. So why not “Batman v. Superman.” Yes, yes, the film fell huge in its second week — but that’s not when you debut the trailer. You do it in the first weekend when the film grosses $166 million.

Nope. No “Beyond” trailer there.

When is Paramount going to release it? The first full trailer for 2009’s “Star Trek” was released in November 2008, six months before the film was release. There were some extenuating circumstances however. Because the release date got pushed back from Christmas, Abrams had the movie essentially done by Thanksgiving. Also, Paramount was really hedging its bets with this reboot, and was going to get that word-of-mouth going as fast as it could.

When it came to “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” however, Paramount didn’t have to look so far out. In fact, the full trailer for the second Abrams movie wasn’t released until March 9, 2013 — for a film set to premiere in just 69 days. By that calendar alone, Paramount has another month to figure out exactly when it’s time to do the release.

We already know it won’t be this weekend. If it were, we would be watching the trailer on the Internet right now, just like we did with “Star Wars: Rogue One.” Next weekend might be a bust, too, with the biggest film opening is Disney’s “Jungle Book.”

The weekend of April 22 is probably out, too. The biggest film that weekend is “The Huntsman: Winter’s War.” And if you have no idea what that film is, then you and I have something in common.

“Keanu,” the comedy from Keegan Michael-Key and and Jordan Peele is the wrong genre, so scratch off April 29.

But if you’re going to circle a weekend, here it is: May 6. Why? “Captain America: Civil War.”

It works. A big geeky movie, in this case, one based in the Marvel comic universe. It’s the start of the summer movie season, which “Beyond” hopes to be a tentpole. And it’s 77 days from the premiere — sound familiar? That’s close to the same schedule Paramount used for “Into Darkness.”

Sometimes I overthink these strategies, worried that the lack of promotion means Paramount is not confident in “Beyond.” And yes, “Into Darkness” made less than “Star Trek,” but not by a lot. It still did quite well, despite some solid competition. So it makes me think Paramount knows what it’s doing.

I also like that Paramount is standing behind the teaser trailer for “Beyond,” which I can safely say was universally panned. I didn’t hate it as much as some people, but I really felt it’s likely misrepresentative of what “Beyond” is. I think someone in Paramount marketing got a little too excited that Justin Lin was attached to direct.

If Paramount was really worried the teaser trailer would hurt the film, I’m thinking we would’ve seen an earlier full trailer, or maybe even a second teaser trailer, a month ago. Maybe even longer. The fact we haven’t seen that means their marketing research is showing a much different result than our living room study.

Yes, we are all anxiously waiting to see the full trailer for “Beyond.” I know I’m ready. And if does indeed come out in time for the May 6 movie weekend, at least I can understand why — and stop myself from thinking too much into it. And you should, too.

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