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Lost Footage From Original ‘Star Trek’ Revealed

Blu-ray also will feature 12 classic episodes

Gene Roddenberry didn’t like to throw things away. That might have meant a full closet in his bedroom, but it has become a treasure trove of material for Star Trek fans … especially in time for the 50th anniversary of the franchise he created. CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount Home Media Distribution have joined with Roddenberry Entertainment to announce a new Blu-ray set coming later this year called “Star Trek: The Original Series – The Roddenberry Vault.” The Blu-ray will contain bits and pieces of episodic footage that was left on the cutting room floor, and then s …
 | Jul-23-2016 | 
‘Animated Series’ Among Holiday Blu-ray Trek Offerings

Paramount/CBS also will offer 4K versions of reboot films

It’s already been transferred to high-definition, so why not release “Star Trek: The Animated Series” on Blu-ray, right? CBS agrees, and will do just that for Christmas, marking the first time the 22 episodes will be available in such an HD format. The series, which ran between 1973 and 1974, will join films like “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” on Blu-ray as well as both the 2009 “Star Trek” and 2013’s “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” Of course, for those films, being on Blue-ray is not new. However, The Digital Bits …
 | Mar-21-2016 | 
Star Trek Dream Team? It Failed 30 Years Ago

Roddenberry, Meyer, Fuller, Kurtzman … what does history say about this?

For the first time in 12 years, Star Trek will be back on television with a new episode. Well, kind of, I guess. It will be on CBS All Access, the online subscription-based streaming platform that will bring Star Trek into the future. And many fans, including myself, have drawn many parallels between what CBS is doing now in terms of distribution, and what it did 30 years ago, when it launched “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” You remember that, right? First-run syndication was practically unheard of. Back in 1987, if you wanted a television show produced, you approached NB …
 | Mar-10-2016 | 
Writing Legends Want ‘Star Wolf’ TV Series

David Gerrold, D.C. Fontana start crowdfunding campaign

You’ve surely heard of Capt. James T. Kirk. But have you ever heard of Jon Thomas Korie? If you haven’t, you might soon. David Gerrold, the famed writer of the legendary “Star Trek” episode “Trouble With Tribbles,” is raising money to bring his Star Wolf novel series to television in a pilot crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter. “I still have a lot of stories I wanna tell,” Gerrold says in the video introducing the “Star Wolf” project on Kickstarter. “But I want …
 | May-6-2013 |