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Social Media Reveal Of ‘Beyond’ Title Card?

Facebook might have unveiled how we’ll see title in the movie

It looks like a post-production artist named Craig is not the only winner of a recent college basketball contest. Star Trek fans might have something to collect as well, as it appears the title card from the actual “Star Trek: Beyond” movie may have been revealed.

The modified logo for “Beyond,” which differs significantly from the version of the name used in marketing for the film, shows a much cleaner typeface for “Beyond,” with narrow strokes. It appears on a monitor next to someone identified only as “Craig” who works on the Star Trek team at Digital Vortechs.

That company, according to TrekCore, is doing post-production work on “Beyond,” as it has for the 2009 “Star Trek” as well as other films outside the franchise.

Because it looks so much different than what’s being used (and also because it’s unlikely Digital Vortechs also is working on the new full trailer due next month), TrekCore believes this could be how moviegoers see the “Beyond” title beginning July 22.

“The likelihood that the film’s usage of the ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ wordmark is going to be a new design is extremely high,” TrekCore said. “Just looking at the past several Trek films — and most films at large — the in-film title card is quite often different from the text seen in promotional trailers.” That’s because marketing usually wants to stick with the same logo throughout all the advertising and promotion, to help create brand awareness.

There’s nothing for certain that indicates the image on the screen next to Craig is indeed the in-film title card. But that seems to be a lot of work for even a post-production company to put together what TrekCore says would otherwise be a “fancy placeholder.”

The picture appeared on Digital Vortech’s Facebook page, and shows “Craig” holding his prize from the in-company contest, an Amazon Echo.

To see more of TrekCore’s analysis, click here.

Source: TrekCore

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