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New TV Trek To Be ‘Smart’ Show

Incoming executive producer Trevor Roth shares a little insight

There’s so much secrecy shrouding the new Star Trek television series for CBS All Access, you might think J.J. Abrams was involved. (Don’t worry, he’s not).

But one thing producers can say about the new show? It’s going to be smart, and filled with people that audiences can connect with. At least according to one of the new show’s executive producers, Roddenberry Entertainment chief operating officer Trevor Roth.

“At the end of the day, there are certain tenets of Star Trek that make it what it is,” Roth recently told Newsarama. “I think that continuing of those tenets and create a cast that are truly relatable to people, regardless of their species and alien makeup. For those [characters] to go through journeys that are relevant to people, for us to create a show that is a smart show and something we can be proud of, yet still entertain people.”

Roth, a co-founder of 1701News and a former partner of the site, added that this was the thought process that went into Roddenberry Entertainment, from their graphic novels to short films, and anything else the company put together.

However, like Rod Roddenberry, he admits to growing up as a Star Wars fan — something that was likely true for many kids in the late 1970s and early 1980s. For Roth, however, that changed a bit when “Star Trek: The Next Generation” premiered.

“We really got to understand Star Trek and what it offered on a completely different scale,” he said. “I think that changes every decade of what you can appreciate from a new show, because as you mature and gain wisdom and experience, the immense appreciation for a franchise like this just grows and grows.”

Although the pilot is expected to air on CBS in January, the rest of the episodes will be found on the network’s premium streaming service, CBS All Access. It’s definitely a risky venture, especially with a crowded streaming field already dominated by the likes of Netflix and Hulu. But Roth says the production team behind Star Trek is ready.

“I think the challenge of it is to have people understand that they’re going to be moving, or adding, CBS All Access to their repertoire of viewing,” Roth said. “We’re making sure people have something worth going for.

“I think it’s important for Star Trek and the continuation of where we’re going with entertainment. You always have to be pushing for the next level and evolving, not only in the contents and the way we tell stories, but also the way you deliver that.”

Read Newsarama’s full interview right here.

Source: Newsarama

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