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Star Trek Online Goes Back In Time For 50th

Popular MMO will take fans into the realm of classic Trek

Time travel might not happen on Star Trek as much as it does on, say, “Doctor Who.” But it’s still a popular activity and story device.

Star Trek Online, the massively multiplayer online game from Arc Games, has utilized time travel in several of its episode storylines. But just in time for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the game will really give players a chance to jump back into classic “Star Trek.”

As part of the third expansion of “Agents of Yesterday,” players can jump back into the days of Kirk, Spock and McCoy to take command of a 23rd century era starship, much like the Constellation class of the USS Enterprise.

“Throughout this expansion, players will visit familiar places, see familiar faces, and show the quadrant what a rough-and-tumble captain from the greatest generation of Starfleet can do,” STO’s executive producer Stephen Ricossa wrote in a blog announcement of the expansion.

In the update, which is due this summer, players will have a chance to command five starships from the classic “Star Trek” timeline. Each player will also have a chance to choose from six outfits from the classic era, three different captain titles and three upgrade kits.

The expansion will feature the voices of Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original series, as well as Chris Doohan, son of original series star James Doohan, and also a cast member on the fan-film series “Star Trek Continues.”

Players participating in the expansion also will have access to a starting ship as well as a time ship, staffed with non-player characters acting as temporal bridge officers, and a temporal ship mechanic.

“There is a new threat to the security of the Federation, and they are invading with the hopes of overwhelming the past to destroy our future,” Ricossa said.

Star Trek Online just released its most recent expansion last month to support Season 11’s “A New Dawn,” which itself launched last October. It takes place in the aftermath of the Iconian war, which dominated many of the earlier story expansions in the game.

Subscription rates for the game range from $15 monthly, to $300 lifetime memberships. Arc also offers a “free-to-play” option which comes with fewer benefits than what paid subscribers might receive.

To learn more about Star Trek Online, visit StarTrekOnline.com.

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