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Following Trek On CBS All Access: ‘Good Wife’ Spinoff

Streaming service may be close to announcing second original series

We all knew CBS All Access wasn’t going to stop at a new Star Trek series for its streaming service. in fact, the media company has had its eye on releasing an original series every quarter, to keep subscribers interested in digging out $6 a month to keep it.

So what might follow Star Trek after it ends its first season in the spring? Think “The Good Wife.” Or, think more specifically a “Good Wife” spinoff.

The popular court drama ended its run on CBS last week after the show’s creators, Robert King and Michelle King, decided they didn’t want to continue as showrunners. They are expected to return to write the pilot episode of the “Good Wife” spinoff, although they won’t stick around to run the series.

Of course, we’re using the word “pilot” a bit loosely here. Based on The Hollywood Reporter‘s story, CBS All Access is considering doing what it did for the new Star Trek series — a direct series pickup. That means there won’t be a pilot made first, and a decision on whether to continue made later.

The new show will reportedly star Christine Baranski and Cush Jumbo, who played lawyers Diane Lockhart and Lucca Quinn in the “Good Wife.” Baranski has earned six Emmy nominations for her work on “The Good Wife,” a role she has maintained since the beginning of the series in 2009. Jumbo joined the cast in the seventh season, who had a solid role in the British “Doctor Who” spinoff “Torchwood” in 2008.

Although ratings had faltered a bit for “The Good Wife” in later seasons, it still remained a critical hit for the network. It also has maintained a high profile, and could be just what CBS All Access is looking for to help continue growing its subscriber base once the new Star Trek series signs off its first season.

CBS Corp. chair Les Moonves knows it will take high-profile programs to help draw attention to CBS All Access, which is part of a crowded streaming market dominated by the likes of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

“There about a billion channels out there, and because of Star Trek, people will know what All Access is about,” Moonves said last year.

CBS All Access is expected to make a formal announcement about the new “Good Wife” spinoff next week during its upfront presentations to advertisers. There also could be further news released about the new Star Trek series at that time as well, including possibly at least one bit of casting news.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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