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A search on YouTube for the new “Star Trek: Beyond” trailer will bring up a lot of copies of the new trailer released last weekend by Paramount Pictures. But it also includes a number of “reaction” videos — you know, essentially where we are asked to watch someone else as they watch the trailer. It’s almost like turning on “NCIS” with the hopes that they will turn on “Downton Abbey,” just so we can get caught up.

Of all the different reaction videos, however, one that stuck out to us the most was from a fan named Marc Thompson, who decided to watch the trailer with his young daughter and son. Marc, of course, was in open-mouthed awe the whole time, but his daughter seemed to have a bit of a journey on her own.

Holding a couple of Avenger action figures, she first sees the USS Enterprise come onto the screen, and her first reaction is “Star Wars.” Well, Dad is right, it’s Star Trek. But it’s not long before she gets it.

After she struggled to understand what Idris Elba’s Krall had to say, the young girl quickly starts to warm up with a “now it’s looking better.”

Sure, it might have been some of the explosions and such that got her interested — but that’s all that it takes, right? Get the young minds into the theater for the explosions, but have them fall in love with what is Star Trek.

It looks like Marc Thompson will have to buy at least three tickets to “Star Trek: Beyond” when it premieres July 22.

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