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‘Voyager’ Novelist Joins TV Trek’s Writing Staff

Kirsten Beyer had to cancel convention appearance in Maryland

Pocket Books just might have to share its “Star Trek: Voyager” writer. At least for now.

Kirsten Beyer, who has authored 10 “Voyager” books (with two more on the way) over the past decade or so, is heading for a new gig: The writing team of the upcoming Star Trek series for CBS All Access.

Although CBS has not confirmed the hire, a Maryland convention called Shore Leave announced Beyer had to pull out as a guest specifically because she was joining the new series.

“One of our author guests, Kirsten Beyer, has to cancel her attendance at Shore Leave 38 for an admittedly very cool reason,” the convention’s website said. “Kirsten is one of the writers for the new Star Trek series. Her workload and commitment to the new series make it impossible to attend Shore Leave this year. She is looking forward to coming back to Shore Leave next year to share the excitement of her new job.”

Beyer’s name is likely not recognizable in the Star Trek community outside of the “Voyager” book series, but there are some who would say Pocket might not even be in the “Voyager” business if it weren’t for Beyer’s work in that department.

Beyer first joined the “Voyager” team in time for its 10th anniversary in 2005, writing the second book in the “String Theory” series “Fusion.” A month later, Beyer had a short — “Isabo’s Shirt” — included in the “Voyager” anthology book “Distant Shores.”

And from that moment forward, if there was a new “Voyager” novel hitting the shelves, it had Kirsten Beyer’s name on it, starting with “Full Circle” in March 2009, and continuing with her most recent book, “A Pocket Full of Lies” last January. In the more recent books, Adm. Kathryn Janeway leads an expedition of Federation ships back to the Delta Quadrant, exploring what the USS Voyager couldn’t do on its own, while also seeing what the Borg left behind.

Beyer also worked as an actor, but found writing to be her true calling, primarily because she didn’t have to wait for someone to hire her to do it, she once said.

“I realized a long time ago that I am wired to create stuff and depending on others to allow me to do so,” Beyer told TrekCore writer Dan Gunther in 2013. “The downtime between projects makes me crazy. But no one has to hire me to write. In fact, no one did for the first 10 years I spent learning and honing what craft I possess.”

Beyer was attracted to “Voyager” because she watched the show since it premiered on UPN in 1995, and some of her early serious writing attempts were within the “Voyager” universe. In fact, Beyer pitched several story ideas to the actual program, but never had any picked up. Once the show ended its run in 2001, however, Beyer was exploring another way to tell stories within the “Voyager” universe.

“I’m not sure what really attracted me to ‘Voyager’ beyond the characters, which I enjoyed tremendously, and the potential of the premise,” Beyer told TrekCore. “But I invested an incredible amount of time and energy into learning every aspect of the show. I know it now far better than anyone probably should. I love all of the Trek series for different reasons. ‘Voyager’ is the one that has my heart, though.”

Beyer reportedly joins a Star Trek team that includes showrunner (and former “Voyager” series writer) Bryan Fuller, and series co-creator Alex Kurtzman. It also includes another writer from the movie days, “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” and “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” writer (and director) Nicholas Meyer.

CBS has not made any other announcements about the series, including what its official name will be. However, word got out in April that the series would be the first Star Trek show to base its operations in Canada, filming at Pinewood Toronto Studios.

The new series will premiere on CBS, and run on the network’s subscription-based streaming service CBS All Access beginning in January.

Source: The Trek Collective

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