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Saldana Helps Coach Get ‘Beyond’ Cameo

Carlo Ancelotti will have his ‘normal face’ in appearance

It’s not easy to get a cameo in a Star Trek movie. But even a soccer coach in Italy can find a way to do it — that is, if you know the right people.

Carlo Ancelotti, the new coach of the German soccer team Bayern Munich, said he earned a small non-speaking role in “Star Trek: Beyond” thanks to his indirect friendship with Zoe Saldana. The Uhura actress is married to artist Marco Perego.

“The husband of the actress Zoe Saldana is Italian, and we have a good relationship with the family,” Ancelotti said, according to The Sport Bible.

Ancelotti wouldn’t provide much details of how he would appear in the film, except to say that he would have his “normal face” and that he would be a doctor.

The former soccer player-turned-coach played for his home country in the 1990 World Cup, where Italy finished third. He would later coach teams in Milan, Chelsea, Paris and Madrid before signing a three-year contract to coach the 116-year-old German squad beginning this summer.

“Star Trek: Beyond,” which stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban and Saldana, is set to hit theaters July 22.

Source: The Sport Bible

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