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Quicken Loans is getting into the excitement of “Star Trek: Beyond” just a few weeks before its release, putting out two new commercials plugging its Rocket Mortgage app using … Vulcans?

The ads were created by the Pitch ad agency of Culver City, California, and were directed by Dave Laden, according to Shoot.

“The decision to partner with Paramount Pictures was a logical one,” said Jay Farner, president and chief marketing officer of Quicken Loans, in a release. “Rocket Mortgage’s technology is light years ahead of its time, making it a perfect fit with the Star Trek universe. The mortgage process can be intimidating, even for the impassive Vulcan species, and the simplicity and transparency of Rocket Mortgage empowers clients to navigate the process experience with confidence.”

Corny? Cool? What do you think? Check out both ad spots right here.

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