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It has been nearly eight years since German Star Trek fan Jurgen Kaiser embarked on a Trek fan-film like no other. Wanting to continue the missions of the NX-01 from “Star Trek: Enterprise,” Kaiser meticulously put together an episode of his own, bringing in the Mirror Universe as well as some Terminator-like bad-guys … all in stop-motion animation.

In fact, according to DW, Kaiser spent about an hour on every second — and there are 3,600 seconds in all. So if you did the math, just the animation work alone would take 150 solid days, working around the clock.

Kaiser is a human being, so he would’ve needed sleep and meal breaks, and a life, so it took a bit longer.

Called “The Beginning of the End,” we pick up “Enterprise” from the episode “Crossroads,” as the Federation fight against a cybernetic lifeform intend on destroying all organic beings. Luckily Trip Tucker and T’Pol get a little help from the future.

But get ready to read. All the acting is in German, so pay close attention to those English subtitles.

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