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We admit that this audio has been around for a while, and this particular version was uploaded two years ago.

But the original audio recording of Jerry Goldsmith’s theme to “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” has resurfaced recently, and if you love to see how music comes together, this is a must-hear.

The TMP theme, of course, would go on to become the theme to “Star Trek: The Next Generation” less than a decade later. But this audio session, sometime in 1979, actually marks the first time an orchestra has played the theme. And sadly, much like TMP itself, it got a rough start with Goldsmith having to cut them off after the first measure.

The second time is the charm, however. And they would play it all the way through a second time.

Isn’t it great how Goldsmith’s theme can carry majesty and power, even some 35 years later?

Sit back and feel like you’re there, ready to play with the orchestra. And listen to history unfold.

h/t MightyMega

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