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Walter Koenig Heading Back To Original ‘Star Trek’ Set

OK, it’s a replica … but a darn good one.

James Cawley’s replica of the original “Star Trek” sets is closed for the season. But when the Upstate New York attraction re-opens in the spring, it will be getting ready for a rather big VIP.

Walter Koenig, who played Chekov in the original series, will make a visit to the former home of “Star Trek: New Voyages” in August, according to an announcement on the group’s website.

Cawley didn’t provide many details about the visit, except that tickets for the weekend event will go on sale in February. He called it a “once-in-a-lifetime chance to walk the original sets with our favorite navigator.”

For years, the sets were used primarily for Cawley’s fan-film series “New Voyages,” which continued the adventures of Capt. Kirk and the original USS Enterprise crew. Last summer, however, CBS licensed the sets for tours, which take place in Ticonderoga – a town of a little more than 3,300 people more than four hours north of New York City on the Vermont state line.

The sets are laid out exactly how they were on the Desilu lot in the 1960s. Cawley began building the sets in 1997 after receiving a copy of the original set blueprints from original series costume designer William Ware Theiss.

While Koenig’s visit might mark the chance for fans to visit Cawley’s sets for the first time, it won’t be the 80-year-old actor’s first trip to Ticonderoga. Koenig reprised his Chekov character in the 2006 “New Voyages” episode “To Serve All My Days,” written by Trek alum D.C. Fontana.

Tickets range from just under $12 for children to a little more than $24 for adults. Family prices also are available starting at just under $64.

To learn more about the Star Trek set tours, visit StarTrekTour.com.

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