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Fuller: Trek TV Gossip Rated ‘Pants On Fire’

Set before TNG? Nope. Anthology? Nope

Bryan Fuller won’t share too many details of the new Star Trek series, reportedly saving them for San Diego Comic-Con next month. But what he can say is all that gossip originating from a blog with unverified and uncorroborated information? Totally not true. Fuller, the former “Star Trek: Voyager” writer who will serve as showrunner for the CBS All Access series, says reports that circulated over the spring that set his show after “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” and before “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is false. Also false? The fact that the new series would be an …
 | Jun-25-2016 | 
Trekdom Celebrates Gay Marriage Supreme Court Ruling

George Takei, Zachary Quinto among those expressing pride

After months of waiting. the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday struck down key provisions of two laws that had plagued gay civil rights proponents for many years. And the Star Trek community — where there is infinite diversity in infinite combinations — celebrated. “Today marks a watershed moment in history and a tremendous victory for the principle of equality,” actor George Takei from the original “Star Trek” series told his followers on Facebook. “The 5-4 decision by our Supreme Court striking down DOMA affirms the universality of love — the desire of all people not …
 | Jun-26-2013 | 
A Misunderstanding … And Bad Journalism?

When should reporters ask questions? When something doesn’t ring correct

This really was something I went back and forth on addressing. I actually started to write this very column yesterday, but most of the way through felt it was too much “inside baseball” into the world of journalism and really wouldn’t be all that interesting to readers. Plus, I really felt the story I was going to talk about would not get any traction anywhere. I mean, sure, maybe one reporter was not able or willing to ask the right questions, or appropriately screen an implausible story from a plausible one. Others — like my good friend Terilynn Shull of the popular G&T; Show …
 | Jun-20-2015 | 
Should Star Trek TV Series Take Cues From ‘Fargo’?

A Vox columnist has an interesting take on how small-screen Trek could return

There have been plenty of ideas for what a new Star Trek television series should be like, yet CBS Television — which holds the boob tube rights to the franchise — seems no closer than before in returning Trek to television after a 10-year absence. But that hasn’t stopped even new suggestions from coming forward, including one new column from Vox contributor Todd VanDerWerff that has been making the rounds online. The concept? Borrow from the success of shows like “American Horror Story,” “True Detective” and “Fargo,” and make the next Trek television series an anthology se …
 | Mar-5-2015 | 
Chase Masterson Casts Light On Bullying At Comic-Con

‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ alum brings together coalition to make a difference

It might be easy to look at Chase Masterson and ask what someone as beautiful and talented as she is knows about bullying. But the fact is, bullying affects people from all walks of life, no matter what they look like, what they are able to do, or even how popular they are. People can be targeted for many different reasons, which creates unnecessary pain and anguish — and sadly, sometimes, suicide. Masterson, who played Leeta in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and has enjoyed success on the independent film circuit since, has brought together a number of international organi …
 | Jul-16-2013 |