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Starfleet Union Raids German ‘Into Darkness’ Press Day

Daniele Rizzo brings his Borat-like interview style to Star Trek

He walked in wearing glasses, a “Star Trek: Into Darkness” Starfleet uniform, and of course, pointy ears. He was equipped with not much more than a tricorder. Yet Daniele Rizzo, through his personality of Starfleet union rep “Spocko,” had a chance to talk with the primary cast and crew of “Into Darkness” during the German premiere this past week. And those interviews have found their way to America.

Watching the video, provided courtesy of PerezHilton.com (and is not available in America through Rizzo’s main site), it seemed that no one warned J.J. Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto or even Benedict Cumberbatch about what was going to happen. Rizzo never broke his character of Spocko, and completely acted as if he were reviewing what was going on in the ship. When he did run into someone like Abrams, he had to try and figure out what role they were — carrying a joke by one of the actors that he worked in the cafeteria through the rest of his interviews.

With questions like “Any events lately you would like to report?” and “Are you friends with Capt. Kirk?” (to Cumberbatch), the cast and crew were not quite sure how to take this rather unique interviewer. At one point, Quinto was checking his smartphone messages and Pine was watching “Spocko” scan him with a tricorder, which caught Quinto off guard.

“We’re doing this?” he said. “I thought we were in between … you’re really going for it here.”

Unlike how Sacha Baron Cohen’s characters of Borat and Bruno were treated by the unsuspecting public, the cast and crew of “Into Darkness” took Rizzo’s performance in stride, and played right along.

That was especially true for Cumberbatch, who didn’t break his own character during his interview. When Rizzo tried to “scan” him with his tricorder, he failed. And, of course, Cumberbatch had a reason ready for that.

“I throw out this wonderful sort of protoplasmic psychic interference which basically scrambles any instruments that want to clearly define who I am,” Cumberbatch said. “You’re going to have a hard time finding out who I am with this instrumentation.”

But is this some total Star Trek fanatic? Not exactly. Rizzo is, for a lack of a better term, the Borat of Germany. The 29-year-old is part of an entertainment website called ClipFish TV, and one of his bits is heading to German movie premieres, and interviewing actors as various unique characters — typically inspired from the films themselves. These characters seemed to begin back in 2008 when he interviewed the cast and crew of the film “Hancock” dressed (and performing) as his own version of Hancock.

The efforts are in good fun, and has already gone viral online despite the geographic lockouts and the fact that it was just filmed this past week.

To see various clips from the whole video, click here.

Source: 1701News

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