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Could Joe Cornish Direct ‘Star Trek 3’?

Name is on a list of directors from Paramount

The current “Star Trek: Into Darkness” is not even out of theaters yet, but already speculation and rumors are starting to circulate on who will direct “Star Trek 3.”

The first name to surface is Joe Cornish who is probably more known for his writing than his directing for films such as “Tintin” and “Ant Man.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that Cornish’s name is on a list of potential directors that is being put together by Paramount Pictures, making it clear that either the studio does not expect J.J. Abrams to be back to direct a third film, or they want to have some backups just in case.

Abrams really made the possibility of a new director happen when he decided to take on the next Star Wars film for Disney/Lucasfilm.

Cornish is not a stranger to directing. He did helm episodes of the British comedy “The Adam & Joe Show” in the late 1990s. He most recently directed “Attack of the Block,” a sci-fi comedy that he also wrote. That film made a little more than $1 million in the domestic box office, and was made on a budget of $13 million.

Photo courtesy of The Film Stage.

Source: Los Angeles Times

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