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Canada’s Star Trek Museum Opening Delayed

Owners say Alberta’s new tourist attraction not yet ready

It’s Spock Days time in Vulcan, Alberta, a tiny town of less than 2,000 people in northcentral Canada.

Hundreds of fans are on hand, as well as Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips from “Star Trek: Voyager.” But what’s not ready is the brand-new official Star Trek museum, which was set to have its grand opening this weekend.

Devan Daniels, a co-owner of the museum who also serves as Vulcan’s tourism administrator, told the Calgary Herald that he was excited about Saturday’s planned ribbon cutting, but instead, he and his business partner were not able to get it ready in time.

It’s called the Trekcetera Museum, and is advertised as having a wide range of exhibits, including original costumes, props and pre-production artifacts collected from both the television series and movies. Once it opens, hours will run from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day with tickets running from $6 to $10.

The town itself, which was actually named for a Roman god, became a Star Trek destination more than 20 years ago when the residents decided to capitalize on the popularity of Star Trek to help boost tourism. Otherwise, the main economic boost for the town comes from agriculture, growing and selling wheat, canola and barley.

Since becoming a Star Trek destination, the town has erected a sculpture of the USS Enterprise, and government leaders actually dress in Star Trek dress uniforms. In 2010, the town worked out a deal with CBS Television, the owners of the television side of the Star Trek franchise, to make it an official destination, and allow the town to exclusively sell its own version of Star Trek memorabilia.

The Herald reports that Daniels needed approval from CBS Television to open the museum, especially since it’s a for-profit business. Daniels, however, said that CBS was not involved in the decision to delay the museum’s opening.

A news release on the museum’s website still promotes Saturday’s grand opening. And while Spock Days will be without a museum, Daniels isn’t too worried.

“I don’t see a huge impact, quite honestly,” Daniels said. “It impacts the museum more than Spock Days. We are still going to be talking about the museum with the stars.”

Source: Calgary Herald

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