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CBS TV Adds ‘Star Trek,’ ‘Voyager’ To LoveFilm

Move is meant to help compete against Netflix in Britain

Amazon.com’s British competitor to Netflix is getting a huge weapon in its battle for online streaming supremacy: Star Trek.

LoveFilm, a streaming service similar to what Netflix offers (but at a slightly lower cost), has wrapped a deal with CBS Television that will bring some of its biggest properties to the service. That includes premium channel shows “Dexter” and “Californication” as well as the original “Star Trek” series and one of its spinoffs, “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Those shows will begin to be available immediately on the service, which costs British subscribers £5 — or just under $8 — per month. They will soon be joined by other CBS Television-produced shows like “Nurse Jackie,” “The Good Wife” and “Blue Bloods.”

CBS Television also has a deal with Netflix that, at least in the United States, bring all of Star Trek’s television series to the service. However, it’s not clear if Britain is part of that same deal — and even if it is, it might be hard for some subscribers to say no to costs lower than Netflix. That is, if they are most interested in seeing the adventures of William Shatner’s Capt. Kirk and Kate Mulgrew’s Capt. Janeway.

Subscribers to LoveFilm can get content sent through their computer or smartphone. Lovefilm was founded in 2002 and services not only the United Kingdom, but also Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Source: CNET

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