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VegasCon Vies To Recapture World Record

Convention needs as many people in uniform as possible

London is a great place, but convention-goers headed to Las Vegas next month feel that at least one world record should, well, stay in Vegas.

Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Vegas Con is ready to take back what was once rightfully theirs: the world record for the number of people in a Starfleet uniform in a single gathering. Attendees at VegasCon did just that a few years ago when they pulled together 1,040 in costume.

But last year, a convention in London bested that by 23 people. And now Las Vegas wants that title back, along with its place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Considered one of the biggest Star Trek conventions in North America, this year’s VegasCon is expected to have nearly 100 special guests from all walks of Star Trek life, including three of the captains — William Shatner from the original “Star Trek,” Avery Brooks from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” and Kate Mulgrew from “Star Trek: Voyager.”

The convention itself takes place Aug. 8-11 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas, but the attempt at the world record will take place on Saturday, Aug. 10 — the same day as the costume competition. Creation even suggests that seasoned costume-makers not only bring a costume for themselves, but one for a friend, too.

Are you ready to participate? Make sure you get your tickets to this year’s VegasCon by clicking here. Single-day general admission for Saturday starts at $40, but package tickets are available for the entire weekend beginning at $149.

Also, look to 1701News for updates from VegasCon, and find our reporters throughout the convention or at the Roddenberry Entertainment booth.

For details on the new world record attempt, click here.

Source: 1701News

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