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Fan-Made ‘Renegades’ Turns To Indiegogo For Funding

Production is looking to raise at least $20,000

There is one last step before the fan-produced “Star Trek: Renegades” can go into production. And it’s going to need the help of the fans.

Producers say the sound stages have been booked, the shooting schedule is locked down, and they are all heavily into pre-production. Yet funding is short about $20,000, so they have launched a campaign on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help reach the goal.

Production of “Renegades” is “much more ambitious than we originally envisioned when we started the drive,” the producers said in an email to fans. The group originally raised $242,483 on another crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.

“We are realizing the minimum budget amount we raised will not be enough to complete our production — at least not to the standards we want. We’ve already made a few cuts in the script with regard to characters, locations and visual effects.”

Yet the producers want to limit the cuts, which is why they are now seeking more money. The extra money will help add two days of filming to the schedule along with stage rental, actors’ salaries and other various daily expenses, according to the producers.

So far, the production has raised nearly $250,000 — although 9 percent of those funds went to Kickstarter and Amazon fees. Unlike Kickstarter, Indiegogo will supply a project with all money raised, even if the goal is not met. Money contributed through crowdfunding should be treated as a non-tax-deductible donation, and is not considered an investment.

No one donating money will receive any ownership in a property, or even be guaranteed that such a project is ever produced, so such donations should be handled carefully.

To find out more about donation through Indiegogo, click here.

The idea behind “Renegades” is to produce a full-quality pilot that can be presented to CBS Television to allow for an official online series. The cast includes a who’s who in the Star Trek universe including Walter Koenig, Tim Russ, J.G. Hertzler, Robert Picardo, Garrett Wang, Gary Graham, Richard Herd and Manu Intiraymi as well as Corin Nemec, Edward Furlong and Grant Imahara.

It will be directed by Russ, who played Tuvok in “Star Trek: Voyager.”

Production is set to start in October.

Source: 1701News

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