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It’s Time For Fan-Films To Take A Stand

Whether you’re for or against, stop hiding and weigh in

I haven’t exactly been a dedicated follower of fan-films, but as someone who is passionate about Star Trek fandom, I would follow their progress occasionally, and give kudos when kudos were due. But since CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures filed a massive copyright infringement suit against fan-film producers Axanar Productions and Alec Peters, I have learned far more about fan-films than I thought was even possible to absorb. And a lot of it is good — these are fans, after all, many times playing Star Trek with a YouTube audience. Even Vic Mignogna will admit his “Star Trek Con …
 | Apr-27-2016 | 
‘Axanar’ Script Leak Reveals Early Concept Of Trek Story

Sued production claims reporting is part of a ‘personal vendetta’

Robert Meyer Burnett called it the “best Star Trek script ever,” at least according to one of its credited writers, Alec Peters. No, we’re not talking about the upcoming “Star Trek: Beyond” or the pilot episode of Star Trek: Series VI. Instead, Burnett was talking about the script for “Star Trek: Axanar,” what the crew itself calls an “independent” fan-film in the Star Trek universe. And one that is currently part of a high-profile copyright infringement suit filed by Star Trek intellectual property owners CBS Corp. and Paramount Pictures. But what is “Axanar”? If you ask …
 | Mar-3-2016 | 
‘Axanar’ Misses Mark As Professional Film

Indie film producer, director Jody Wheeler takes hard look at lawsuit-plagued production

Independent filmmakers, like me, have a tough job. Without the deep pockets of a studio, we’re forced to be creative when we compete with the “big boys.” Our key weapon, the singular advantage we have in creating a memorable work that will impress audiences and engage imaginations, is to put the most money (and there’s never enough of it) on the screen as we can. The smarter decisions we make, the more creative we get with utilizing limited resources, the better we differentiate our needs vs. our wants, the more money we’ll have to put invest in the meaningful tools that mak …
 | Feb-9-2016 |