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Grumpy Old Men: Takei, Shatner Reignite Old Battle

Original ‘Star Trek’ stars can’t seem to keep things civil

When it has come to the ongoing feud between George Takei and William Shatner from the original “Star Trek” series, it’s hard to lay blame on just one person for inciting it.

But this time around, the blame may have to fall on Takei, as he opened up on his former co-star without any apparent provocation in a Las Vegas newspaper ahead of Creation Entertainment’s official Star Trek convention in the city.

“He’s gone on YouTube and said I have a psychosis,” Takei told the Las Vegas Sun. “I mean, the others all have had run-ins with Bill, including Leonard Nimoy,” adding that the entire production team once lost an entire morning of filming “because of an enormous and costly conflict that Bill and Leonard had.”

Takei also said both Walter Koenig and the late James Doohan have spoken out against Shatner, as well as Nichelle Nichols, who he said once proclaimed, “We hate Bill.”

The actor, however, didn’t stop there. He even questioned why Shatner attends conventions in the first place.

“You should see his behavior at some of these conventions,” Takei said. “I don’t know why he does them. Well, I do know, because they pay him. But when he’s signing autographs, he doesn’t even make eye contact with the fans. At least I try to connect with the people I’m signing for.”

Shatner did respond on Twitter, but seems to be staying out of this fight … for now.

“I see George was at it again,” Shatner said on his Twitter account. “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

The two first worked together 47 years ago, and their feud has been decades long. Shatner is now 82 years old, and Takei is 76.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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