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Shatner’s ‘The Captains’ Follow Up Hits DVD

‘Close Up’ explores actors behind Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Archer and Sisko

“The Captains” explored the real lives of the actors who portrayed leaders in the world of Star Trek, and now William Shatner is ready to take an even closer look.

His new DVD miniseries, “The Captains Close Up,” hit store shelves Tuesday, offering an even expanded conversation with actors like Patrick Stewart, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, Scott Bakula and Chris Pine. The five-part production is all hosted by the first actor to play the role — Shatner.

Each episode, according to a release, features Shatner interviewing each of his fellow captains, in-depth and one-on-one. It goes not into what it was like to play such iconic characters as Picard, Janeway, Sisko, Archer and Kirk, but also their working challenges and personal rewards for doing it.

But who is going to interview Shatner? Well, only Kirk can do that — or at least the guy currently playing Kirk, and that’s Pine, the star of 2009’s “Star Trek” and this year’s “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” The two compare notes about love, life and family.

The DVD is currently available through Amazon for about $13. Amazon is also offering “The Captains Close Up,” “The Captains” and Roddenberry Entertainment’s “Trek Nation” as a package deal for about $38.

Roddenberry Entertainment is an ownership partner with 1701News.

“Close Up” was already shown on the cable channel Epix, and each episode is 30 minutes. However, for anyone who has already seen “The Captains,” this is must-see, Shatner said, adding on his Twitter account that “Close Up” has “99 percent new material.”

Source: 1701News

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