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Coming Soon To Mac: Star Trek Online

Beta testing expected to begin within a few weeks

More than three years after it officially launched for the PC, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game Star Trek Online will soon come to Apple’s Mac computers.

Like many games of this magnitude, Star Trek Online was designed only for the PC, with plans at some point to expand into the Mac world. Apple has just under 11 percent of total market share in personal computers, so it’s no surprise that some games may not target them until much later because of its limited market share.

Mac users, however, could still play Star Trek Online by installing Windows on their computers and switching to that operating system mode. However, creating a game that is designed to run on a Mac could help in overall playing performance and stability.

Brandon Felczer, a community manager with the game, said the beta launch of a Mac version would take place Nov. 12, the same day Star Trek Online launches its eighth season, complete with exploration possibilities of a Dyson sphere.

One player posted to the official Star Trek Online forums that the Mac beta was “awesome news. I hate having to boot my Mac up as a PC, as it means I can’t use any of my Mac programs.”

However, not everyone was happy. Another player in the same announcement thread quipped, “waste of time and resources, if you ask me.”

Star Trek Online offers both subscription and free-to-play platforms. For more on the game, click here.

Source: Polygon

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