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New Trek Actor Coming To STO Game

Season 8.5 set to launch for fourth anniversary

They don’t want to say who it is yet, but a new episode is coming to Star Trek Online, and it’s going to feature a popular character (and actor) from the Star Trek franchise on Jan. 30.

That day, which marks both the fourth anniversary of the massive multiplayer online role-playing game and the launch of Season 8.5, will feature new hybrid ships fresh off the assembly line from the Federation’s only known Dyson sphere.

Stephen D’Angelo, executive producer of Star Trek Online, shared in a recent blog post that players also will have better mobility in the game with the Season 8.5 update — especially those who have been hoarding space ships.

“You will be able to easily switch between your starships in sector space and social zones — we want to make it easy to quickly get to the ship you want to fly,” D’Angelo said. “Not only that, but each of your starships can have multiple pre-made build-outs saved, and you will be able to switch between them quickly and easily.”

What that means is that players can now have separate builds for ships depending on how they want to play: just them fighting a computer character, them fighting other players, or those who don’t like the Voth. Oh, and the number of ships someone can have will increase, too.

One feature that is going extinct is the hourly event calendar.

“Our data showed that few of these events were being played often, so we were re-envisioning the hourly events as weekend-long events with better rewards,” D’Angelo said. “You can expect the hourly calendar to disappear with Season 8.5, with the new events showing up on the main calendar.”

And some of the existing hourly events are being turned into daily missions as well.

To read D’Angelo’s full blog on everything coming up in Season 8.5 of Star Trek Online, click here.

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