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Brannon Braga Reflects On Star Trek

Former franchise writer-producer says he misses ‘its spirit’

Brannon Braga recently reflected on his long history as a Star Trek writer-producer and admits he would be open to returning to the franchise.

Deep space remains a comfortable home for Braga, who served as an executive producer on the Fox primetime series “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey,” which earned 12 Emmy nominations last month. His franchise introduction began with “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” followed by work on “Star Trek: Voyager” and “Star Trek: Enterprise.”

“Well, there’s always the idea of returning to the Star Trek universe,” Braga told the Las Vegas Sun. “I have not been asked to do that, and I’m certainly asked all the time if I would — it would depend on what I was doing.

“You know, I do miss Star Trek, I really miss it and I miss its spirit, though I definitely had that with ‘Cosmos.’ But I miss its spirit and its message and I miss the freedom of storytelling; so there’s a ‘maybe, I might do that some day.’”

Even on “Cosmos,” Braga felt the impact of Gene Roddenberry’s sci-fi juggernaut inescapable.

“Inevitably, with every new project that I do, I get asked about Star Trek,” he said. “On ‘Cosmos,’ every interview I did … Star Trek came up. Of course, in making ‘Cosmos,’ I brought a lot of the things I learned (on Star Trek) in making a space-bound show. I did it for 15 years, from ages 25 to 40 — those are formative adult years; so it will always be in my DNA.

“I think the souls of Star Trek and ‘Cosmos’ are closely related in that both are about humanity aspiring to explore the cosmos. … The two shows are kind of soulmates in that regard.”

Another inescapable part of Star Trek often confronting Braga is the controversy surrounding the cancellation of “Enterprise” after its fourth season in 2005.

“I’m often blamed for the demise of the franchise because I happened to be at the helm when it went off the air,” he said. “‘Enterprise,’ the last show, which I co-created with Rick Berman, was pretty much vilified at the time, and it’s astonishing to me how tender it’s being treated today.

“I think people wish Star Trek was back on the air, and they miss it. As do I.”

Braga wrote or co-wrote more than 100 Star Trek episodes, including the films “Star Trek: Generations” and “Star Trek: First Contact.” His other television credits include “Salem,” “24” and “Terra Nova.”

See more of his interview with the Las Vegas Sun here.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

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